About Us

How we are changing the FUTURE of tutoring

Our Vision

Times are changing and so are we! Education is more computer based than ever changing learning into something more accessible and convenient. We want to take virtual tutoring to a new level and make it an opportunity for high school students to gain meaningful experience while increasing its accessibility to parents.  We look to eliminate barriers to work opportunities for  students such as commuting and strict hours and, in turn, 

make learning more engaging for elementary students. There is a future where high school students are no longer restricted to customer service jobs, but can gain experience while building meaningful relationships with younger learners. There is a future where more parents have access to learning that is convenient and flexible. You can help us build that future!

How We Began

Our  founder is a high school student! The motivation to become a virtual tutor began when Chloe noticed that, with the shift from face-to-face to online learning, her parents were having

a hard time managing their jobs, teaching her brother, and keeping their sanity. After tutoring her brother and virtually tutoring a few other elementary school students, she noticed that not only was the experience rewarding, but that it was easy to understand the  core ideas behind the online lessons. It seemed like high school students were made to tutor! She wanted to expand this PhD dominated industry into something that was both a rewarding opportunity for high school students and a reasonable service for parents. Now, we are connecting motivated students and parents who are looking for an alternative to the traditional tutoring. 

Chloe Zijl Students Tutor Online President

For students, by students